Adult chat lines: an industry that knows no crisis

The Internet has radically changed our lives. A new, faster and more effective way to communicate with the world was launched by the advent of broadband technology. However, what has changed and what has remained the same as far as phone sex is concerned? How has phone chat enthusiasts’ attitude changed?

The phenomenon of phone sex chat lines

It might happen to think of adult chat lines as something obsolete and fully replaced by alternative services available online. Actually, adult chat lines are still extremely popular and this should not be surprising if we consider that the use of smartphones has ramped up over the past decade, making it even easier for everyone to find a quiet place and have a chat with a “friendly” voice.

The phenomenon of phone sex chat lines grew rapidly during the Eighties, along with the use of landline telephones, which became an indispensable device in every household. Entertainment phone services started growing as well. Adult chat lines involve live phone chat on more or less explicit sexual content at premium rates, which at that time was something completely new. On the other end of the line there are phone entertainers who, spicing up the fantasies of callers, have found a really rewarding job.

If you are over thirty you must surely remember late night TV ads promoting 090 premium rate adult chat lines numbers, with lewd ladies inviting you to give them a call. By now, adult chat lines do not have this famous code any longer and this type of service is not something new anymore, but if you have a look at magazine ads or make a quick search online, you will find a wide range of phone sex numbers managed by those who could be referred to as virtual escorts, precisely because they provide virtual sexual services using their voices. Phone sex operators have sexually-oriented conversations with callers and perform auditive sexual role-play. Furthermore, still there are a number of TV channels advertising erotic lines of differed sorts, mainly during the night, in order to attract male audience.

Chat lines intended for a wide-ranging audience

Considering that, as mentioned above, adult chat lines numbers are not free of charge, the group of users to whom the service is addressed to tends to be wide-ranging and varied. There are chat lines for men of all ages and sexual orientations. Callers must be at least 18 years of age.

Telephone rates vary and there are services for all budgets. Adult chat lines do not cater only for those looking for sexual practices, but also for those looking for a bit of transgression that becomes sexual arousal when it is spiced up by the taste of the forbidden.

It is widely believed that people calling adult chat lines are lonely, socially awkward and find it difficult to approach real women or men. This is actually a misconception. Those who enjoy calling adult chat lines are simply looking for something new and out of the ordinary, and like being turned on by the sound of a sensual voice that simulates an orgasm while fulfilling every spicy request. If, in the past, this was considered as something unusual, nowadays, with the proliferation of Internet porn and webcam girls ads, phone sex has become something ordinary.

Phone sex: an experience in which the psychological component is crucial

The taste of the forbidden and the special emotions we were talking about arise from intense psychological dynamics and ordinary physical needs triggered by sexual appetite. Such components should be already part of a traditional sexual intercourse, and are amplified by the change of having sex with attractive women or men over the phone. Callers are free to ask anything they want, breaking down the wall of embarrassment and exploring new dimensions without any consequences. On the negative side, which actually for many people could be an additional source of arousal, is the fact that these are only vocal sexually-oriented virtual encounters, made only of the steamy fusion of two voices.

This is a sex game that amplifies your fantasies and that might also increase the libido in real sexual intercourse. As with any other entertainment involving the use of money, moderation can prevent any form of addiction.

Adult chat lines: a rewarding business opportunity

The first myth to dispel about the role of adult phone entertainers is that it is prostitution. This is totally wrong, not only because phone sex do not include any carnal relations, but also because phone entertainers exclusively use their voice to perform a role, without getting to know and seeing the person they are talking to over the phone.

People applying for a job in the phone sex industry range from university students to  stay-at-home moms and men who need to supplement their salary and – often in a provisional way – increase their income in this way. In the past, working opportunities revolving around the phone sex industry were not so easy to get to and few people were interested in working as phone entertainers, mostly because the cost of calls used to be much higher and the service was not so popular. Now the phone sex industry is extremely successful due to the reduction of rates and a better service. However, working as a phone entertainer is not a get rich quick scheme and the pay is not so high because the chance of working in this sector have substantially increased.

Online you can find comments of phone sex operators who, despite not being particularly satisfied, consider the earnings acceptable if compared to the type of job. Working as a phone entertainer requires initiative, a vivid imagination and a sensual voice.

There are also workers who have decided to start their own business and set up their own adult chat line, enjoying significant benefits and employing additional staff members to provide the service.


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